Go Spidey go!


I think that Spiderman is the best.
The Green Goblin and the Hob Goblin are cool. Especially the Hob Goblin’s red eyes.
But Spiderman always wins.
All the other ones in the Rogues Gallery will never beat Spiderman.
Spiderman is Peter Parker, did you know?
He lives with Aunt May.
Once Doc Ock grabbed Aunt May and took her up the building but Spiderman saved her.
Venom and Sandman and Mysterio – you can’t see his face, that is scary – they are all good but not as good as Spiderman.
I have gots lots of the people from Spiderman.
I have gots lots of Spidermans and I have got Hobby and Doc Ock but I can’t find the Green Goblin.
I would like to get Rhino but we can’t find him either.
We saw Venom at the shop but he was too big.
I web lots of people like Spiderman. You have to point your hand at people and web them.
Spiderman is so cool.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on October 22, 2006.

7 Responses to “Go Spidey go!”

  1. Hi Jay,

    Why do you like spiderman so much? He wears his undies on the outside- very silly! Or maybe when he has an ‘accident’ he can change them very quickly. When he is Peter Parker, he knows how to dress properly- maybe when he becomes Spiderman he gets a spider brain, and forgets how to dress properly!

    I can’t web people, but I can spit- I find that repels people just as good.

    Your friend,


  2. Hi Jay. My daddy likes spiderman too. So do I, but the Green Goblin is too scary for me. I like Mary Jane.

  3. You are Spidey mad. My mum needs to step it up and stop with the Maisy and Playschool. Haven’t even seen Spiderman exept when my cousin Ethan dresses up.

  4. Hi Jay,

    I like spiderman too. I have both movies – I cant climb walls but I can climb trees & bunk beds.

    Have fun with your blog.


  5. Darling Jay,

    This is your long lost fabulous Aunty Nat!

    I have missed you very very very very much since I have been away travelling far far away. I am back now and very looking forward to seeing you at Nana’s tonight!

    I have lots of pressie’s for you and one that even might have something to do with Spiderman! I have enjoyed reading your blogs and loved seeing your pictures and yes I am a little worried about mummy’s obsession with blogging, you make sure you keep her under control for me ok!

    Lots & lots of hugs and kisses
    Aunty Nat xxxxxxxooooooooo

  6. PS Yes there is spelling mistakes in my message, on purpose just to annoy mummy!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

  7. To Jay,
    It’s cool that you are blogging at such a young age. Spiderman is awesome and I’m wearing new socks!

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