I am sick of breakfast, lunch and dinner


Why can’t you have chocolate whenever you want? Whenever I ask Mummy for chocolate she says: “After dinner.” I don’t want to wait for dinner. I hate dinner. Chocolate tastes very yummy. It is my favourite thing – oh yes, jelly is my favourite thing too. I like drinking milk too. I don’t really want any breakfast, lunch or dinner actually. Just milk and chocolate and jelly. Oh pear is alright and sometimes corn. But I don’t want to eat meat. It is disgusting. You have to chew it. Spiderman hates meat too and he eats chocolate and he is big and strong. I want to eat whatever I want. Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner is boring. I am sick of it.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on October 22, 2006.

2 Responses to “I am sick of breakfast, lunch and dinner”

  1. Hi Jay. I like chocolate too and milkshakes with strawberry straws, not plain milk ’cause that’s why it tastes yucky.

  2. i totally agree with u and chocolate, cakes and lollies should be allowed to be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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