The Wiggles


The Wiggles are boring.
Before, I used to like The Wiggles.
I have got lots of Wiggles movies and CDs.
But now I think they are so boring.
I like Captain Feathersword but Dorothy is boring.
A long time ago I went to Wiggles World near Ruby’s place a long way away. We had to go on a plane.
It was alright. Kylie took me on a ride there with Ruby and we saw Wags the dog. Actually Wags gave me a cuddle.
But now I listen to the music from Spiderman. Especially the part where Dock Ock is going up the side of the building.
I don’t play my Wiggles movies but sometimes Mum puts on Go to Sleep Jeff when I am in bed.
The Wiggles are blue, red, yellow and purple.
Jeff wears purple and he is my favourite.
But he is a bit boring too.
There are no fights in the Wiggles.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on October 22, 2006.

3 Responses to “The Wiggles”

  1. Hi Jay,

    I like the Wiggles. My sister Charlotte really likes them. She likes Dorothy the best. I like Dorothy too. I have Dorothy pyjamas but I don’t like wearing them because they have pants, and princesses wear dresses not pants.
    Murray is my favourite Wiggle. He plays a red guitar like my Daddy.

  2. Have you heard, Anthony (yellow Wiggle) is sick and has not been able to perform during their current US tour? Given that he is the lead singer that would be a slight problem. Let’s hope Anthony gets better soon – even if the Wiggles are boring!

  3. No, the yellow wiggle is Greg! Anthony wears blue. I like Greg too. I hope he gets better ’cause we’re going to see the Wiggles concert at Christmas and I want to see Greg.

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