Painting and cars


Today I got up early so Mum and Dad took me to the place with the playground. I had a hash brown for breakfast and I got a new drink bottle. Then Daddy went to the hardware shop and Mummy took me to Mozghan’s where I go when Mummy is at work.
Tyron and Keegan were there.
We had a good day.
We did painting.
When Mummy came to pick me up my painting was still wet so we left it there.
I ate half of my peanut butter sandwich but I did not eat my green apple or my sultanas.
I took my new Green Goblin and Doc Ock cars with me.
I came home and had chicken and grapes for dinner.
While Mum was feeding me Dad and me made a monster’s dinner.
We mixed up everything in the cupboard that Mum was going to throw out and we made cakes out of it.
Then Daddy had to pretend he was eating it.
My Mum had a sore mouth. She had her tooth pulled out. My teeth are coming in but Mummy’s are coming out.
We were playing Fantastic Four games. Daddy was the Thing and Mum was Susie who goes invisible.
Dad got a sore voice being the Thing.
I talked to Nanna on the phone.
Now I am drawing while Mum is on the computer.
I want Mum to get off it. I might have to go to my room soon as I am getting angry.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on October 23, 2006.

One Response to “Painting and cars”

  1. do you drive the cars you play with and i saw your mums pulled out tooth it would have hurt.

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