A harp-playing swimmer


I slept in today. When I woke up Mum was already gone.
Dad and me had breakfast then Dad took me to Narinder’s for music. Narinder wants me to play the piano but harps are better. So I played the harp. Narinder has a pond with two big fish in it.
I like going to Narinder’s to see the fish.
Then Dad took me swimming. Mummy and Daddy said no splashing the other kids. Last week I splashed a boy and he started crying. I pulled the top of another boy then Mum made me get out of the pool.
And that was the end of swimming.
But not today. I was good today. I only have one bubble on.
My teacher’s name is Glenda.
After swimming Dad took me to a new toy shop. It had lots and lots of toys but we didn’t buy any.
I got into trouble because I got angry and grabbed Dad’s sunglasses and threw them.
Then we had to go home.
Mummy and Daddy say “No throwing!”
I had a really big dinner tonight. I even had beans. I haven’t had beans for a long time.
When Mummy came home she had to be Susie from Fantastic Four and I was Spiderman. I am always Spiderman.
In bed Mum read me the Disney on Ice program. We went to see that a long time ago. Then we read one of my Munsch books from Aunty Brenda. My favourite story is Mmmmmm Cookies. Then we read the Jungle Book from the Disney book that Nanna gave me.
It took me a long time to get to sleep tonight!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on October 24, 2006.

One Response to “A harp-playing swimmer”

  1. Only one bubble at your age? Clearly you are going to be the next Ian Thorpe – minus the pearls I hope!

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