Poppy comes to visit


Guess what? When Mummy came home last night she had a surprise for me! It was Poppy!
Poppy came on the plane then he came to see us.
He bought me a present – it was a DVD of Mary Poppins. I like the part about a spoon full of sugar. I love sugar!
It was fun to see Poppy. He saw my new car track set.
I gave him a painting I did with red and blue paint with a face on a flower.
When I had my milk we had to watch the cars going round and round ’cause that’s what Poppy likes.
Before Poppy came I went to Mozghan’s all day, I played out the back for a long time with the other kids.
I told Mozghan and Venus (Mozghan is Venus’s Mummy) that I want to marry them.
I got a bit naughty this morning when Poppy said he had to go. I shook the tree – the one that comes through the deck. But I wanted him to stay.
But then Daddy said we could water the plants so that was good.
I love watering plants with my watering can.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on October 27, 2006.

One Response to “Poppy comes to visit”

  1. To Jay,
    Your name rhymes with hay – does that mean you are a horse?
    I’ve met your Poppy before and went to his house. His name is John. Laters alligators.

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