Batman for Halloween


I have got a lot to tell you. Last night it was Halloween and Aunty Nat took me trick or treating. I was dressed up as Batman. We went to some houses but I got tired after five houses.
The people gave me lollies and I didn’t have to do any tricks.
Do you want to hear my trick? How does a sheep get clean. In the baaaaaaa-th! That’s funny.
After trick or treating we went to the hotel that has a really cool fort with a slippery dip. Aunty Nat and Mum and Dad and me went there then Nanna and Nanna’s friend Niecey came there later.
I also got to play on the computer games but I am not very good at them.
Oh I almost forgot the best thing – I had a fire engine!! No, not a truck, it is a drink. It is a pink fizzy drink. It is awesome.
Before trick or treating I went to swimming and to music lessons at Narinder’s. We didn’t play the harp today – we played the piano. I helped Narinder play Lisa [Fur Elise].
In Lisa there are some angry bits and some good bits.
The day before Halloween I went to Mozghan’s. I got a special award from Mozghan for not crying when Mummy and Daddy drop me off.
It had a chocolate on it that I was allowed to eat it after dinner.
Mozghan made the award for me. It has lots of colours and I’m going to hang it on my door.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on November 1, 2006.

3 Responses to “Batman for Halloween”

  1. Hi Jay,

    It was good fun taking you Trick or Treating last night (even if a short event) good to see you know when enough lollies is enough!
    I also liked seeing you mixing it up from Spidey to Batman for some variety, you looked very very cool!

    I am looking forward to seeing you again on Friday night when you come for a sleep over, we can make a nice yummy breakfast on Saturday morning while mummy & daddy try to sleep in with hangovers!! 🙂 hehehe

    See you soon!
    Love Aunty Nat xxx

  2. Hey, I thought Spidey was the go!? What’s this Batman costume!!!!????

  3. Hi Jay,
    Nat stood me up and didn’t take me trick or treating. I had my trick all ready too- why aren’t you allowed to see the Pirates of the Carribean movie? Because it is R (said in a pirate’s arrrgghh voice) rated. Hee hee! I didn’t even have to give any lollies away, because no one came to my door! Oh well, there is always next year! Leisa

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