Water, water everywhere


Yesterday I helped Dad clean the deck. He said I was a really good help with the soapy water. But when I got the hose I squirted him but I didn’t mean to and I said I was sorry.
It was a hot day so it was good playing with water.
Dad and I went to the shops for a while. We took my library books back to library. We were going to get some new ones but I was just over it, so we went home.
The day before I was at Mozghan’s and we played with water there too.
I love water games. Mozghan lets me get wet then I have to put new clothes on! I played with Tyron and Keegan and they got wet too.
Last night Mum and Dad and me sat out on the nice clean deck and played super-hero games. Mum always has to be Susie from Fantastic Four or Violet from The Incredibles. Oh yes and she has to be Dash and Elastic Girl and Mr Incredible from The Incredibles too.
Dad is usually The Thing with a croaky voice.
I am always Spiderman!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on November 3, 2006.

One Response to “Water, water everywhere”

  1. Hello Jay, You were about 18 months old the last time I visited you. I missed Nanna’s Xmas party last year because of work. I was very sad about that because it’s my favourite party. I am so looking forward to it this year. Is spiderman going to Nanna’s party too? Lots of love, Nicole xx

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