Rain, rain go away


It’s been raining all weekend.
Yesterday we went to the fair at my school. I got very annoyed when I couldn’t climb on the climbing wall. You had to be 5. I am 3.
But I put the ball into the clown’s mouth and I got a yo-yo. I have never had a yo-yo before. They are cool. My yo-yo has Captain America on it.
Today we went to the hardware shop. It is good because it has a playground in it.
Mum got a fizzy drink there and she shared it with me. Fizzy drinks are cool. They make you burp.
Then we went to the shop and I got a Spiderman magazine and it has the Fantastic Four and the Green Goblin in it and everything.
It is awesome. I love reading it.
Dad is making some furniture so this afternoon I helped him paint it. He painted the front and I painted the back.
Tonight I watched ET. ET is cool.
Oh and I forgot to say that the other night I stayed with Nat and Nanna. Mum and Dad went out. I missed them but it is fun staying at Nanna’s. I fell off Nanna’s lounge onto my bottom.
Nanna and Aunty Nat are fun.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on November 5, 2006.

One Response to “Rain, rain go away”

  1. Well Jay I have never “Blogged” before but you certainly know how to enjoy yourself. Send some rain up to Queensland please.
    Gail xx

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