Feeding the monster


Tonight I made a monster dish. Mum gives me all the old things out of the cupboard and I mix it up.
Mum gave me thyme – I learnt that was a herb – and bay leaves. They are herbs too.
Mum even let me crack a good egg in it. I put the shell in too. My favourite thing to mix is flour. It goes all sticky with water. Dad had to pretend to eat the monster dish and then I made Dad a monster drink too.
Today I got new shoes. They are cool. They make me run fast!
I also went to music and Narinder was showing me how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano. It goes like this: “Da da da dadada…”
And then we went swimming. Dad said I did really good at swimming. Soon I won’t need any bubbles.
Yesterday I went to Mozghan’s and I drew some really good pictures. I used paint and glitter and everything.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on November 7, 2006.

One Response to “Feeding the monster”

  1. Well Kiddo, you are growing up way to fast for me, I read your blog every morning, I am very impressed and you will have to show me what the monster dish is all about one day, I am curious..very curious about it..I don’t think I want to eat it though : )

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