The best place I have ever been


Yesterday I spent most of the day out in the yard with Dad. I helped him clean up the yard and water the plants.
It was a nice warm day so it was good to be outside.
Last night I made a monster dish. Mum let me put green colouring in it and when I put my hands in it I looked like the Incredible Hulk.
Today we were going to meet Tomby and Sean and Mary at a train show but when we got there the trains weren’t there. The train show is next week!
So instead we all went to the park. Tomby and me played with sticks and ants. We nearly pushed Mary down the slippery dip. But everyone yelled at us and we didn’t.
Tomby went home and Mum and Dad and me went to the nursery to buy plants. There is a playground there and there were so many lizards! I threw sand at them. I didn’t want to hurt them, I just wanted them to come out from their hiding place!
Then we went to this really cool cafe for lunch. When I walked inside I said: “This is the best place I have been in my whole life!” There were plants everywhere and a bridge over a pond with a really big fish in it.
I had pasta for lunch and we gave some to the fish but he didn’t want it.
Then we went out in the garden and there was another pond with five fish in it. And a cage with some cockies. One cocky said hello to me. He was my friend. There were also goats and deer that ran away when I went up to them.
I had a sleep in the car then we came home and put all the things back on the deck, so I can go on it again now. But it’s a bit sticky!
I am a bit hot and tired now so I think I will have a rest, drink some milk and watch The Incredibles. Mum has to be Elastigirl!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on November 11, 2006.

One Response to “The best place I have ever been”

  1. Sounds like a lovely place.Anywhere that can keep little kids entertained while their parents eat has got to be good!

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