Mysterio is mine!


Yesterday I woke up with a cold. I must have got it from Tomby at the park.
Colds are annoying. The worst part is having to blow your nose all the time.
Mum and I played on the deck in the morning and she let me make a really green monster dish.
Then in the afternoon we went to a toyshop and I am so happy: I got Mysterio! Mysterio is a villain from Spiderman. I know him from the Rogues Gallery on Spiderman I. On the Rogues Gallery you can’t see his face but my toy Mysterio has three different faces: a man, a monster and a ghost!
I also got a stretchy Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four. If you put him on the window he climbs down it. But guess what? I have already pulled one of his hands off. But it was just an accident and I said sorry.
Last night we read the Fantastic Four book. It has sounds you can press.
And then I listened to some Thomas the Tank Engine stories on my CD. I used to love Thomas but I think I’m getting too big for him now.
Now I mainly love Spiderman. Oh and all the villains!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on November 13, 2006.

2 Responses to “Mysterio is mine!”

  1. Jay Jay,
    Have a look at for all the info you ever wanted to know about Mysterio as well as some really cool pics of him!

  2. Hi JJ, I hope you realise I’m the best rogue in the rogue’s gallery!

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