Oh to be born again

Jay with flowers for Mum

My big news is that yesterday I swam without a bubble for the first time. I went to my swimming lesson and I told my teacher Glenda I didn’t want to put my bubble on and she said that was okay so I didn’t have it on for the whole lesson.

I need a bit of help from Glenda but I am only kid in the class without a bubble! Mum and Dad are very happy because they wanted me to be safe in the pool this summer.

Mum tells her friends that I am going to be the next Ian Thorpe. I don’t know who he is!

Yesterday I made Dad laugh. I said: “I want to be born again.” That was because we drove past the hospital where I was born. Dad said: “You would have to go into Mummy’s tummy again and I don’t think you’ll fit.” I said: “I will fit!”

I rang Mum at work and I said it again: “I want to be born again!” Mum asked Dad if he had been taking me to church. But I don’t even know what a church is really! (I think there were some churches on the Island of Sodor, where Thomas the Tank Engine lives.)

Anyway if I can’t be born again then Mum and I are just going to get married.

I asked her and she said yes. When I was at Mozghan’s the other day Venus and I picked Mum a flower. It was for her hair. It looked nice in her hair but then it fell out. So we put it in the paper vase we made and now it sits on the window sill.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on November 14, 2006.

5 Responses to “Oh to be born again”

  1. Jay, you are so lucky that your Mum is a great swimmer and has taught you very well. Maybe when you get big enough you can race her in the pool?

  2. Jay, sounds like you are quite the fish. I am most impressed. But I don’t think you really want to be born again … think of all the things you wouldn’t be able to do! You certainly couldn’t have as much fun as you are having now. And most importantly you wouldn’t know who Spiderman was!! I am looking forward to visiting you next month to hear all your adventures. Do you think I could visit Spiderman too? Love Nic xx

  3. Hello JAY,
    This Is Poppy, how are u i will see u next week at Dassys B/day bye bye..Poppy

  4. G’day Jay,
    This is Steve (my friends usually call me `Stix’ cos my last name is Stickney). Swimming without a bubble, ay.
    Wow! Now you are freeeeee! I used to work with you mum and dad,
    and I remember that your mum was a very good swimmer.
    I like swimming too, but I have to be careful because now I’m getting too fat and some people mistake me for a dolphin or a large, bald whale (whales don’t usually have much hair, though).
    Anyhow, the last time I went to Manly Beach, I was having a lovely swim but, when I tried to get out, there was a problem. All these people came running towards me, and they were all wearing T-shirts with GREENPEACE written on them.
    Poor me, I got caught by a big wave and was getting rolled around near the sand, trying to stand up.
    Then these people started pouring buckets of water on my head and dragging me back into the deeper water. I tried to tell them to stop, but my mouth and eyes were filled up with water.
    All I could hear was a couple of them shouting `Save the whale … help us save the whale’.
    I finally convinced them that I wasn’t a whale and they let me get out. Phew! Lucky I wasn’t wearing my flippers, ay!
    Then they wouldn’t have believed me …
    Anyway Jay, I enjoyed reading your blog and I hope you keep letting us know what’s happening.
    Please say hi to your mum and dad, and your big brothers too.
    And also to Miss Nicole (she is VERY pretty I heard)
    onya mate, Stix

  5. Hi Jay…I think marrying your Mum is a great idea…you will just have to discuss it first with your Dad! Keep up all the great work in the pool…little bullet Brycee. Love Janice

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