Happy Birthday Uncle Dassie

My Uncle Dassie 

Last night it was my Uncle Dassie’s birthday. We all went to his place for a party – me, Mum, Dad, Aunty Nat, Nanna and even Poppy from Brisbane.

It was fun. We put on music and I got to have a fizzy drink! I love fizzy drinks. They fill you up and make you burp.

I played with all the other men who live with Dassie – there is Kevin, Greg and Glen. They all live in a house together and they have people to help them because they are disabled.

My Uncle Dassie can’t talk but he is pretty cool. He’s really tall and strong.

You should have seen his cake – it was brown and white and pink. There were lots of bits of chocolate on top and I ate most of them. I took party hats and I pretended the elastic bit on mine was Spiderman web.

We gave Dassie a CD and some shorts. He also got some clothes from Poppy, some T-shirts from New York (that’s where Spiderman lives) from Aunty Nat and some cool purple boots from Nanna.

Happy Birthday Uncle Dassie!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on November 23, 2006.

One Response to “Happy Birthday Uncle Dassie”

  1. Hi WYB, Uncle Dassie is over the moon that you enjoyed his party. The whole house has been rocking out to the sounds of ABBA eversince and Uncle Dassie has been loving it…
    Till next time spiderman

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