Boy in a bowtie

 All dressed up, on the tram in Melbourne

We had a great time in Melbourne. Mum and Dad and Nanna and Aunty Nat and me all flew down in the plane on Saturday. We stayed at a hotel that had two pools in it. I loved jumping in the pools. One had bubbles!

On Saturday we went to Suzy’s wedding. I had to wear a bow tie. First we went to a church that had angels in it. Then we went to a big tent in the park and I had fizzy drink and chocolate hearts and nothing else for dinner.

Nanna made me dance with her but then I went to sleep on Mum’s lap. I was soooo tired.

The next day Di and David and their kids Zac and Binky came over. We had fun. We went swimming together then walked around the city. That night we saw Over the Hedge in the Hotel room. It was really good.

On Sunday Mum and Dad and me went into the city and we saw all the Christmas decorations and long line of windows with puppets in them. The story was about a fat wombat who wanted to be in a Christmas show. At first he wanted to be an angel but he was too heavy. He ended up being the baby Jesus.

Then we went to Jac and Mark’s place and I played with their kids Clemmie and Willow. They are both girls but the really cool thing is that Clemmie really likes Spiderman like me! She even had a Spiderman party.

We all played in the sandbox and then we had lollies.

Then we had to get the plane back home to Sydney. I was so happy to be home.

I liked Melbourne but when Mum said: “What do you like better? Melbourne or Tasmania?” I said Tasmania.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on December 6, 2006.

One Response to “Boy in a bowtie”

  1. G’day Jay,
    this is Stix here. Sounds like you have been very busy lately -and travelling lots too. But Tasmania is best, ay?
    I went to Tasmania once. They have some really REALLY weird animals there called Tasmanian Devils – they are only little, but boy, can they make some big noises. Maybe a bit like you sometimes, Jay, my friend. Ha ha.
    By the way, that’s a very dirty face in one of your blog photos mate. Lucky mum had some soap, ay …
    Please say hello to both mum and dad for me, and wish them Merry Christmas from Stix.
    I reckon your cubby is going to be a very good present too.
    Maybe I’m not going to get ANY presents this year. But I am thinking of buying something for me and writing a nice card saying: Happy Christmas from your secret admirer. I could even include a photo of myself too, so I can see what I look like. No! Wait a minute! Then I will find out who I am – and it won’t be SECRET any more. Bad idea! I’d better get back to work. Talk to you later, Jay. Make sure you are a good kid so Santa brings your presents.
    Bye from Stix

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