Piles of fun at preschool

Me hiding in the numbers!

This week I started preschool. It was good. On the second day I met a friend. His name is Kyle but I accidentally told Dad: “This is Pile!” when he came to pick me up.

My preschool – actually I call it playschool – is called the Alphabet Academy. There are nice teachers there. They are called Miss Eva and Miss Lisa.

We did lots of playing outside, building Lego and painting. In the backyard there is a slippery dip and even a trampoline.

When I got home from playschool yesterday Mum, Dad and me had a tea party in my cubbyhouse. We can all sit at a table in my cubby now, because guess what? Dad made me a new table and chair for inside so I can put the old one in the cubby.

It is better because it is hard to have a tea party without a table. We had cube sugar at the tea party (pretend) and a chocolate cake that I made with sprinkles (also pretend). After that we played ballgames in the backyard until it got dark. I am getting better at catching the ball.

I have a new favourite TV show. It is called Lazy Town and there is a girl called Stephanie in it and the hero is Spartacus. This morning I got Mum up and she had to be Spartacus. You should watch Lazy Town. It’s on Nick Jr!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on January 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Piles of fun at preschool”

  1. Hi Jay

    I love your web site – it’s tres cool. Happy New Year to you all from Emma in WA.

  2. Hey Jay, Happy New Year, you young scoundrel.
    Sounds like you had a good time at school & even made a new friend already. Please say hi to Pile … um, Kyle.
    And while you are passing on greetings, say hello to Emma in Western Australia (you have got friends EVERYWHERE pal!) and please wish your Dad a big harvey roofday .. er, haffy firfbay … bappy hooday … grrrr, ta-ra-ra-BOOM-de-ay!
    (He’ll know what I mean).
    By the way I think your New Year Resolutions are excellent.
    My New Year Resolution is to stop hooting at the owl in our backyard. All thru 2006 I used to go out into our yard at 7pm and go “Hoot! Hoot!” because I heard this bird out there.
    Then, I was telling my neighbour Andrew about it. And guess what? HE has been going outside at 7pm and hooting too!
    So we have been hooting at each other for the last 12 months thinking it was communicating with wildlife. How dumb can ya get, ay?
    Anyway, hafta go now and do some work. And tell Pile I said Hoot, ahhh … i mean Hi.

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