Fire in our backyard

Me in the ashes out the back

This is a picture of me looking at what the fire did last night. We had a big bushfire near our place yesterday with helicopters in the sky all day long. Then the fire started to come too close to our house last night so the firemen had to come in and burn out all the bush before the big fire got here.

I stayed up really late talking to the firemen. I told them all that I had some new garden tools. But then I fell asleep and when I woke up all the bush was black. I really wanted to see the fire but Mum and Dad said it was dangerous. I saw lots of smoke and ash though.

And the firemen were really nice. They had big hoses and they wet all the bushes. The air smells funny today.

When I was asleep a man from the television came and filmed the fire near my cubby. Some of our friends said my cubby was on TV but when we turned on the TV they were showing something else so we didn’t get to see it. But that’s ok because we know what my cubby looks like.

The slippery dip and deck of my cubby have grey ash all over it. Luckily Dad remembered to get my garden tools out of the dirt so they didn’t get burnt.

Maybe when I grow up I’ll be a fireman. They are pretty cool.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on January 21, 2007.

One Response to “Fire in our backyard”

  1. Wow, sounds like your having an exciting summer, Jay! I’m very happy to read that everyone’s all right. We miss you guys!

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