Kibby is nice

 Pat, me, Reed and Kibby

We had a very busy weekend. Reed’s friend Kibby came over to stay with us. He is nice and he has black hair like Reed (well like Reed does now – before it used to be orange).

We all went on a bushwalk with Max and Harrison from nextdoor. We went walking where all the fires had been. There was so much black bush and lots of black sticks. We went walking down into the valley but we got a bit tired because it was hot. I was whinging because I wanted to do everything myself but people kept making me take their hand!!

This afternoon we went to see Tom and Mary and Lesley. We had chocolate and Tomby and I played in his room. Also he let me have a go on his bike. Tomby wanted to come home to our place, but Mum said, maybe Wednesday.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on January 28, 2007.

One Response to “Kibby is nice”

  1. g’day Jay, sounds like you had a very interesting day exploring the burnt-out bush. helicopters and firemen too!
    how exciting! i’m very glad that the fires didn’t get any closer ‘cos that would have been scary. please say hi for me to your mum and dad (and your brothers too – they have been on stage with my band at the museum! i bet you didn’t know they were rock stars! ha ha).
    oops … time for me to do some more work.
    steve stix

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