Hot in the city

Me at Hornsby Pool

I like summer. It means you can have lots of water fights and go swimming. On the weekend Mummy took me down to the big pool near our house. We splashed around in the baby pool but then I did lots of jumping into the big pool. I can even jump in the deep end. Without floaties or a bubble!

I have been playing with my toys – I like building with the big blocks and playing with my action figures. Sometimes I build a castle for Spiderman.

Yesterday we went to the Butterfly cafe with Tomby and his family. It is great there. There is a pond with big fish in it and a cocky and deer. Tomby and me ran around and around.

Then Aunty Nat, Vincent and Nanna came over for dinner. Dad made pizza. I didn’t want to eat the pizza even though I ate the same pizza the night before. Sometimes I just don’t feel like the same things.

Mummy got lots of presents that I opened for her. And that’s because it was her birthday! I helped Aunty Nat with the cake – it had a singing candle…cool! Nanna and I played with sparklers. We did lots of singing while we were writing lights in the air.

So, today I have to say Happy Birthday Mum. I love Mum but I wish it was my birthday. It would be good to get some more action figures!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on February 5, 2007.

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