Water brothers

Pat and me have a water fight

Pat is here this weekend and we are having so much fun. Pat is my big brother. Reed is my other big brother but he’s not here because he’s away learning to be a rock star. He has his own electric guitar and everything.

Anyway Pat and me always have lots of water fights. Pat is in Navy Cadets. We went there to pick him up today. He has a sailor hat.

When Pat finishes school he wants to go into the Navy and sail on big boats. Maybe I’ll do that too.

Pat plays with me heaps. He builds me train tracks and sets up soldiers for me. Tonight he was doing drawings for me of villains from Spiderman. Not the ones from the comics but our own villains – ones we made up.

Pat made up one called Fartman. He can fly because he has so much gas coming out of his bottom.

I showed him my new Spiderman sticker book that I got from Aunty Brenda and Uncle Gene, all the way from Canada. Wasn’t it clever of them to know I love Spiderman?


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on February 10, 2007.

One Response to “Water brothers”

  1. Hi there my biggest little fan,
    I web-slung from New York over to Alberta, Canada, recently, to tell your Uncle and Aunty what would be a good gift for you. Stickers of me of course! One can never have too many images of me. I do look so damn good in that red and blue. Keep the Spidey faith little one. Catcha!

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