Pat, pat, pat, pat

Me, Pat and the snake cage
Pat and me had a great weekend (Oh Mum and Dad were there too). After we went to pick up Pat up at Navy cadets we went to see Nanna and her friend Niece at Nanna’s other house – not the one she lives in. Nanna is selling it so we helped clean it up. Well really I just picked up one leaf and went across the road for some Fanta!

When we got home Pat made some cool train tracks for me. Then we had a water squirter fight. The picture here is of me and Pat with his snake cage, in our garage. It was taken when Dad made the snake cage last year. Now Pat has a snake and his name is Craig.

But Pat didn’t bring Craig this weekend because it was all too busy. Craig is a small black snake with stripes. I’ll show a photo of Craig another time.

Last night we watch a movie called Ghostbusters – I really liked the parts with the ghosts. They were funny. And I loved the music…’I aint afraid of no ghosts!!!’ Everytime that song came on I ran around the room dancing.
Today Pat and Mum and me went to the shops. Guess what? We got a CD of Ghostbusters music! It’s great. I’m going to play in the car lots.

Next week I am going to Savannah’s birthday party, so I bought her a present. I chose it myself. It is a Snow White outfit. (I hope Savannah doesn’t read this!!)

We also bought some pipe cleaners and some foam balls. Nanna got me some pipe cleaners for Christmas but yesterday Pat and me used them all up making things so we got some more. Pat made lots of men out of them – even Spiderman and the villains.

We also got little eyes that we could stick on the foam balls for heads. Mum and Dad say Pat is very creative because he can make things. It’s true. The things he makes are great. I love playing with them.


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One Response to “Pat, pat, pat, pat”

  1. Hey Jay, this is Stix. I was amazed about that snake called Craig. Wow! Don’t forget to post a photo.
    I’ve never had a snake, but I did have a rabbit called Rosie once – but it turned out to be quite vicious! Now I’m still scared of rabbits – even the Easter Bunny.
    Easter was never the same for me after Rosie bit into my cheek when I was only 4, drawing blood and sending me screaming into mum’s apron.
    She was a fluffy little white thing (Rosie, I mean … not mum)given to me by Grandma Bourke in the vain hope it would make me sit still while she tried to sing (She had a TERRIBLE voice, Jay. Even Craig would have woken up and slithered under the lounge I reckon!). I’d much rather have had a pet snake! But anyway, back to Rosie. Far from being a snuggly, child-loving bundle of soft fur, Rosie turned out to be a horrible beast whose beady red eyes used to sparkle whenever a child wandered within biting distance.
    I think she might have thought she was a watchdog rather than a rabbit.
    Rosie mysteriously disappeared from her hutch shortly after the biting day and, I must confess, I got over it VERY quickly.
    When my dad found out I let Rosie out, he got really cranky – his face turned the same colour as tomato sauce, Jay.
    I was grounded, there were no hot-crossed buns, and I wasn’t allowed to go to the Royal Easter Show that year. All because of Rosie!
    If Rosie had been a nice, quiet sleepy snake, I reckon I wouldn’t have gotten into half the trouble I did.
    Maybe I had better do some more work – otherwise my boss might start biting too. Seeya Pal. Don’t forget that photo of Craig ay…

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