A cousin from Canada

My cousin Alison with me and my brothers

Today my cousin Alison came to stay. She is from Canada!!! Well actually she came from Singapore, which is a bit closer than Canada, because that is where she is studying. But actually she came from Canada in the first place.

She is Aunty Brenda’s girl. You know – Aunty Brenda who gave me the Spiderman sticker book for Christmas.

Alison is cool. She talks like Daddy.

It was a nice surprise to have her here when we came back from the party.

This morning Mum took me to Savannah’s party. She was 4. It was the first girl’s party I’ve ever been to. It was pretty good because they had a jumping castle and my friend Danny was there.

There was lots of yummy food and we got to hit a berry with a stick and it had lollies inside.

I gave Savannah a Snow White outfit as a present. Savannah’s Mum gave me a lolly bag to take home.

In the afternoon we all went shopping with Alison. And tonight she read me stories. Mum said that in the morning when I wake up Alison is going to look after me before I go to playschool. Just her and me. That’ll be good!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on February 18, 2007.

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