Bondi Beach babe

 Me at the world-famous Bondi Beach

On the weekend we went to Bondi Beach. It was really cool. Actually it was hot but it was cool too – ha ha. Alison was still here so we wanted to take her there. While Alison was waiting for her friend Haley Mum took me to the pools called the Icebergs. I loved them!

When Nanna was little she used to swim in the same pools, because she lived in Bondi. Gee those pool must have been here for a long time!

I kept jumping in the steps of the big pool and then playing in the small pool, where I could stand. And guess what? Mum let me wear my clothes in. She said they were wet anyway.

We went back to see Alison and Haley on the beach after that. I played in the sand and got washed by the waves. I kept taking my bucket down to the water, filling it up and then pouring it in a hole in the sand. But the water kept disappearing. Did you know, the water goes into the sand!

Haley said I could bury her in the sand but we ran out of time. So Haley, if you read this, I still want to bury you, ok?

That night we took Alison to the airport so she could fly out to Singapore where she goes to school (even though she is actually from Canada). It is good because me and Dad are going to Canada and we’ll get to see Alison again!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on March 6, 2007.

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