Now showing: King Kong

King Kong, the movie

I had a great weekend with Reed and Pat. On Saturday we went to pick them up and we had brekky together. Then we came back and, while Mummy helped Reed with his homework, Pat and me played the coolest games. We made castles and cubbies in the living room. We set up soldiers everywhere. I love playing with Pat.

He wrestles with me and we pretend to bash eachother up. But we  don’t really, because bashing up is bad. We got the King Kong movie out. It is soooo cool. There are dinosaurs in it, including one called a Piranadon that comes out of the water.

The reason I wanted to get King Kong out is that last week Dad bought me a King Kong book with sounds. I have been reading it and listening to all the sounds.

On Sunday we went to Emma’s place. Emma is Mum’s friend. She has a girl called Tallulah and I played with her. Tallalulah has a brother called Charlie and I was allowed to go into Charlie’s room and play with his toys. He has lots of dinosaurs!

Later that day we went to visit Nanna, Uncle Dassie and Aunty Nat while Dad, Reed and Pat went to see a movie called Rocky. Nanna always has a surprise for me. This time it was a delicious Furry Friends chocolate. It had a dingo on the front. Did you know a dingo is a wild dog!?


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on March 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Now showing: King Kong”

  1. Wow Jay! I haven’t even seen King Kong yet! I guess we’ll get to watch some of your favorite movies together soon. Have you seen Star Wars yet?

  2. Hi there Cuz from Canada!
    When we went away at Easter they had one Star Wars movie after another. So I saw lots. Did you know that before I was born as a boy I was Darth Vader? I told Mum and Dad that and they thought that was funny! Say hello to Chantelle for me, Does she still sing that kookaburra song? Love, Jay xo

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