Easter holiday

yummy easter chocolate

This is me with one of my Easter eggs! I bit a little hole in it, and then gobbled it all up. And all before breakfast!? Easter is cool.

I was a bit worried but even though we were away the Easter bunny still managed to find me. And guess what? He knows I like Marvel characters because my eggs came in a special Marvel box!

We were staying at a really nice place called Tea Gardens. We went there on Friday and stayed two nights: Mum, Dad, Reed and me. Pat went away with his Mum.

We stayed in a nice flat and Reed and me had our own room. The best thing about the place we stayed in – it is called the Boathouse – is the pool. There is one really long, deep pool, but there’s also a pool for kids with sand in it!

I even went swimming in the cold and rain because that sand was so cool. I love sand. I always like to build sandcastles. And I don’t even care when the sand gets in my cozzies.

When we stayed at the Boathouse there was a Star Wars movie marathon on so now I know all about how Darth Vader is Luke’s Dad and Princess Lea is Luke’s sister, even though they didn’t know that at first.

I used to think Darth Vader was scary but now I know he was good at the end when he was nice to Luke.

Anyway one of the best things about this holiday was when we went to some sand dunes near Tea Gardens. They were amazing. They were huge. I loved jumping down them. I could have stayed there all day. Mum says we’ll come back and next time we’ll bring cardboard so we can slide down them. Anyway this is me running across the dunes. I never knew the word dunes before but now I know. I love dunes!

me running across the dunes


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