Show time

tomby and me on the car ride

Today we went to the Royal Easter Show. I am so tired – my legs are aching. I am to tired too even eat!

We picked Tomby up and then we all met Nanna at the bus stop. Tomby and me got to sit together all the way to the Easter show. Then we got there and played in the playground and then Tomby and me went on a train ride and a car ride. Just him and me. By ourselves. Cool.

Then we got snow cones – they are drinks made out of ice then you get to put colours on top. Tomby chose blue and I chose red.

Then we went on the merry-go-round. I sat in the sleigh. For some reason, I didn’t want a horse.

Then we spent the whole day walking around. We had to keep on holding the adults’ hands but Tomby and me didn’t want to hold hands! Holding hands is boring!

We saw lots of animals – horses, cows, chickens, alpacas and pigs. The piglets sucking their mummy’s milk was funny!

Then Tomby and me finally got to do what we’d been wanting all day – showbags!!!!

We both got the Spiderman bag. Do you want to know what it is has in it? A Spiderman backpack, three kinds of balls (including a basketball!), a cool new Spiderman toy, and a web spinner!

I wanted to get a Ninja turtles bag but when I saw it it wasn’t very good. There were no turtles in it! So I just got Spidey. So now I have a new backpack to take to playschool.

We got the bus home and then we took Tomby home and we gave Mary her bag – it was Fifi and the Flowertots! Oh and Tomby and I also got a balloon. He got Thomas and I got the Wiggles. I know I said the Wiggles were boring before but I liked them on my balloon!

Anyway I have to sleep now. Good niiiggghh…….zzzzzzzzz.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on April 9, 2007.

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