Love you too Mozhie!

To Mozhgan, with love from Jay xo

I have been going to Mozhgan Family Day Care for a long time. But now I am going to Treetops Preschool instead. I am happy to go to Treetops – it is good. But I am sad I’m not going to Mozhgan’s anymore.

Mozhgan is a lovely lady. She comes from a country called Iran. It’s a long way away. I know Mozhgan misses her family because they are still there. But she has a husband called Ivan and a daughter called Venus and they are here. They are really nice. When Venus is on holiday she plays with me.

When I finished at Mozhgan’s she gave me a lovely card with a koala on the front and some presents: there was a lightsaber – from Star Wars, you know – and a stretchy lizard (I love stretchy things!) and a 90cm long gummy snake!!! I am still eating it! Mum cuts a bit off for me every day. Bit by bit I am eating it. It is very chewy!

So I am sad about Mozhgan but Mum says we can go and visit soon.

Thanks for looking after me Mozhgan. I love you too!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on April 19, 2007.

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