A month of birthdays

Me and Nanna on her birthday

April is always a very busy time for our family, Mums says.

In April we have Aunty Nat and Nanna’s birthday just four days apart.

My best friend Tomby is the same day as Aunty Nat and now that Mary – Tom’s little sister – is born, we have Mary’s birthday the day before Tomby and Aunty Nat’s!

This year it was even busier because I went to my friend Isaac’s birthday on the day before Mary’s! So I had so many parties to go to and lots of presents to give.

The first party was Nanna’s. We all went out for dinner at a place with an outdoor playground – how cool is that! I was running around with lots of other kids and going down the slippery dip. The only problem was I didn’t eat any of my dinner! It was pasta – I like pasta – but they put sauce on it: yuck!  The only thing I like on my pasta is a bit of cheese and I also like it just plain.

We gave Nanna two tops and two books. Mum said she was silly because the two tops didn’t fit Nanna and she had read the two books! Oh well she can take them back and get other ones. I don’t know how old Nanna turned – no one said anything about that but she is much older than me, I think.

The next day I went to Isaac’s 4th birthday party at McDonald’s. They had a special party room and we played in the playground. Lots of my friends from Alphabet Academy were there. We played games and had chicken nuggets for lunch. I gave Isaac a Spiderman toy. He gave me a kiss at the end to say thank you.

Then the next day it was Tom and Mary’s party – Tom was 4 and Mary was 2. They have one party for both because they’re only a day apart. It was at a big park called Fagan Park, next to a playground. We had fun doing games like rolling races and running backward races. My prize was a whoopee cushion but a big girl sat on it and broke it.

We gave Mary a Fifi and the Flowertots doll and Tom a Spiderman car. I chose them both.

The next day was Aunty Nat’s birthday. Mum told me she turned 31. I think that is very old! We went to the Chinese restaurant near her’s and Nanna’s place. I like it there because it’s really big and there’s room to play. I especially like the prawn chips and the fortune cookies! They have a big fish tank there but there was nothing in it this time. Somebody must have eaten what was inside!

We gave Aunty Nat some books and pretty bracelet. I liked it. It has nice coloured stones in it.

So that was a very busy time and I was very tired at the end of it.

I always say to Mum and Dad: “But it’s my birthday. I want a present!” But they say I have to wait til August. I’ll be four then. Four is very big.


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on May 1, 2007.

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