Ouch Spidey!

Me with Spidey and the Green Goblin

I was really looking forward to seeing the new Spiderman movie, Spiderman 3. Our whole family was excited. We told my brothers Reed and Pat not to see it. They had to wait and see it with us.

So the big day came and we were going to see it. Dad bought us special tickets to a movie place were we could get dinner and drinks in the movies and everything.

But guess what? I didn’t really like it. The part where Flint Marko turns into Sandman – that is scary. I asked Mum to go outside of the movies. She couldn’t believe it because I am never scared of anything really.

Later we went back in for a while but it was no good. The other villain in the movie, Venom, was scary too.

I already knew these villains from my comics and the cartoons but the way they did it this time was just not good for kids.

I think maybe it is better to see Spiderman on DVD. Then you can just watch bits while you’re playing and the screen is not so big.

So even though I love Spiderman I don’t think that was such a good movie.

I have been looking forward to seeing the new Fantastic Four movie with the Silver Surfer in it, but we think that maybe I’ll just wait for DVD for that one too.

They shouldn’t make movies scary for little kids, should they?


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on May 27, 2007.

One Response to “Ouch Spidey!”

  1. To my biggest little fan, Sorry I scared you. It’s those marketing guys at Marvel. They own things these days. They want kids like you to want the merchandise, because your parents buy the most toys, but then they want teenagers to see the movies, coz they spend the most money on movies. It just doesn’t match up does it? You keep enjoying my comics and cartoons – they’re closer to the real me anyway. Happy webbing!

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