The land of bears and cousins

Me in the Rocky Mountains!
Last month I went to Canada with my Dad for two weeks. We had a fantastic time with our family in Canada. This is my story about that trip.
The funniest thing about Canada was the bells that people wore on their feet. When Dad told me this was to keep the bears away, I thought he was playing a trick on me. But it was true! People don’t wear bells on their feet everywhere, but only when they go bushwalking in the mountains.
That was where all the people from Daddy’s family met for a special reunion, which was like a huge big birthday party except there was no cake. I did have a chocolate sundae though. I had a great time at the reunion and Dad let me stay up practically all night. I slept in the corner but then got up and helped my Auntie Brenda hold up the roof, which is how cousin Sandra says she dances.
When we weren’t at the reunion we stayed at her house and at my Uncle Dave’s house. I liked visiting both places. I had big wrestling fights with Uncle Gene and Uncle Dave and I won them both. At Auntie Brenda’s I got to play with the garden hose and at Uncle Dave’s I watched movies on the biggest TV I have ever seen. All the girls like Brittany, Chantelle, Auntie Charlene, Alison and Sandra looked after me real good, read me stories and bought me presents. I even got a Spider-man watch from cousin Alison!
Auntie Brenda bought me a Spider-man toy just about everywhere we went. Daddy took me to a place called the Badlands but it wasn’t bad, it was good. They have a big dinosaur museum there but the dinosaurs looked too real and I got a bit scared of them. I did walk up inside one huge dinosaur and stood in his mouth! Really I did!
At Wal-Mart I saw more Spider-man toys than anywhere I’ve ever been to. I wish I could go back there but Dad says it’s a long, long way away and I guess that’s true. It took forever to get to Wal-Mart on the airplane. I really liked flying and watching the movies but Dad kept on trying to make me go to the toilet which was annoying after a while.
The best part was coming home to see Mum. Next time we will all go to Canada, maybe with Reed and Pat too!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on July 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “The land of bears and cousins”

  1. Jay – your Uncle Gene and I miss you! I need to fertilize the plants again and I need a good man on the watering hose. Will you come back and help? We could go to Wal Mart again……
    Love Auntie B

  2. Dear Jay Jay, I hope you enjoyed that holiday without me, because it’s the last one!! As much as I enjoyed going out for dinner after work and getting to choose what I wanted to watch on the TV, missing you left a big hole in my heart. I don’t think I will ever let you go away again without me – well maybe when you’re 40.
    Love, Mum xo

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