Counting teeth

Me and my pearly whites!
The other day I went to the dentist’s for the first time in my life.
And guess what? She said my teeth are good. Mum was so happy.
Mum told me we were going to the doctor’s but when we got inside it looked different to the doctor’s place. There was a funny chair in there for one thing.
But the dentist, her name was Suzanne, was very nice, and she told me she wanted to count my teeth.
I had to lay in the chair and she made it go up and back so she could look inside my mouth.
She counted all my teeth and told me they were squeaky. I had to wear sunglasses so I didn’t get too much light in my eyes.
Mum and the dentist talked for a while and I played with one of my Spiderman action figures.
The dentist says it would be better if i didn’t have a dummy. Even though I am nearly four I love my dummy.
The dentist gave me a new toothbrush and some stickers to wear to show that my teeth are good.
Mum was so happy that my teeth were good and that I was a good boy at the dentist that we went straight to the toy shop.
Of course I looked at the Spiderman section but there was nothing new there. We went to the book section and we found a Marvel Play-doh set. It has moulds for the Hulk and Spidey and a little stage you can put them on with a light for a show.
It’s cool. Mum made me a green hulk with purple pants.
Mum says I have good teeth because of all those times she has cleaned them. I believe her, but I still hate getting my teeth brushed. Toothpaste is disgusting!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on July 18, 2007.

One Response to “Counting teeth”

  1. Hi Jay Jay,
    I am very proud of you for being a big boy at the dentist! I hate the dentist and have been going to have some very yucky things done to my teeth lately and it’s not nice!
    If you brush your teeth every morning and every night you might not have to see the dentist again for a long time so be good and remember BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH!!

    Love Aunty Nat xxx

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