Finding fun on ice

Me at Nemo!

On the weekend we went to see Nemo in Ice! It was really good. There was a scary part with Bruce the shark but I wasn’t frightened.

I went with Mum and Nanna and Aunty Nat and her friend Prema. Prema is funny. She and Aunty Nat are crazy about Nemo and know all the lines.

On the way in I got to buy Crush the turtle. He is so cool. He says “Dude!!”

On the ice they had the ocean as well as the Tank where Nemo was. It was very clever. I also liked the part were Marlin and Dory went inside the whale’s stomach.

I am really into whales at the moment. Did you know the whale in Nemo is a humpback and they don’t have teeth but a baleen, which is like a big, long comb?

There was one part where all the little turtles were doing a dance and I was jumping up and down.

I wish there was Spiderman on ice!!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on July 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Finding fun on ice”

  1. hi Jay.

    finally got on here to say hello!!!!!!!

    I had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun at Nemo on Ice. I wish I could go on again.
    I really enjoyed all of it, but my favourite part was when Marlon & Dory were in Sydney Harbour looking for Nemo, and they ended up inside the whale!!!
    Like Dory, I wish I could speak whale.
    Remember how we ate all the colourful ice in Bruce & Squirt?
    Well, Bruce thought it’d be funny to get me back by biting my FINGER!!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!

    At least he wasn’t eating fish anymore though, he’s finally kicked the habit.

    Well, i look forward to more of your adventures with Spidey! As well as Mummy, Daddy, yr brothers & Aunty Nat & Nana
    Be good sweetie!!!!!

    Love Prem


  2. What a cool blog you have! Good for you that you weren’t frightened by Bruce the shark. I will try not to be afraid now too!

    Be Healthy,


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