Family holiday


We have just been on a family holiday in South Australia. We drove all the way from Sydney, where we live, to Adelaide, and back again. That is a long way!! We stayed at lots of places on the way down and I played in lots of playgrounds when I got sick of the car or when Dad was tired from driving. Mum says we stayed in Canberra (at our friend Nicole’s place); Albury (NSW) and at Pinaroo (SA). Then we went to the coolest place on the beach called Victor Habor (SA).

In Victor Harbor we went out to Granite Island but the best thing is you get there on a tram that’s pulled by a horse! That picture above is of me sitting on Granite Island. I didn’t like everything about Granite Island actually. You had to stay on the paths and not walk on the grass – that was really annoying. But going on the tram was pretty cool. That horse must have been so strong to pull us along. On the way back it started to rain but the horse still had to pull us along.

A whale was visiting Victor Habor when we were there. The man at the whale centre said it was probably a humpback who was going to have a baby. We went to the beach and waited for ages but we couldn’t see any whale. It didn’t matter though ’cause I love playing in the sand.

We got to Adelaide and stayed there for four nights. The place we stayed in was pretty cool. It had a pool and a spa but the pool was too cold to swim in. Mum and I went for plenty of swims in the spa though.

In Adelaide we also went to the Botanic Gardens and the Museum. I loved the museum! It was fantastic! They had a giant squid there and a lion, who was meant to be dead, even though he looked real. But maybe he was real because he kept twitching his tail!

There was a room there where they had lots of interesting things in jars. I could have stayed in that room forever. When you come into the museum there is a huge whale skeleton!

My friend Tom was in Adelaide too. Our Mums and Dads went out one night and Tom and I stayed together. Mary, Tom’s sister, was there too. But she was asleep. Tom’s Nanna looked after us. She was cool. I couldn’t get to sleep but she was still pretty nice to me.

On the way back home we stayed in Broken Hill (NSW). Then we had a really, really long trip home and got there in the middle of the night. Luckily Dad bought me a DVD player in Adelaide that I could play in the car. I watched Spiderman and Stuart Little and also a Transformers cartoon. But after a while I even got bored of watching movies. Mum sat in the back to keep me company and Dad just kept driving and driving and driving.

Mum and Dad say I was pretty good. I didn’t complain too much. Actually I quite like being in the car. It is sometimes interesting looking outside. Most of where we went had no buildings and lots of trees and also animals like cows and horses and even goats.

Mum and Dad say I’m a good traveller.


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