Travelling north

Playing on the beach at South West Rocks

Last week we went on another little holiday. This time we drove all the way to Queensland where Poppy and Nini live – except Poppy wasn’t there, only Nini.

It was a long drive but I had my DVD player in the car. I watched Transformers. And I got to stop at lots of parks along the way.

We went to the Big Banana. I even actually went inside the Big Banana. But I don’t like eating bananas – only the lolly ones. They had a toboggan there. It was really fun. Dad and I went down the hillside really fast.

Mum and Dad went to a big party with their friend Katrina but I stayed with Nini. It was fun. She let me stay in her bed and the best thing is that they have a TV that goes up and down out of the bottom of their bed. So I could watch Cartoon Network ’til I fell asleep!

It was really warm in Queensland. I played lots of games around the pool with my action figures. I even went for a bit of a swim but it was very, very cold. I jumped in but then I jumped straight back out again!

The next day we went to see my old friend Ruby. She is a girl and she is my friend but she is not my girlfriend. Actually Mummy is my girlfriend.

The most interesting thing about visiting Ruby (and her Mum Kylie and her Dad Sam) was that now Ruby has a little brother! His name is Finn and he is one. He is cool! Actually he is quite cute.

On the way home we went to a place called the Macadamia Castle. They had lots of animals there, including little chickens that you can hold. I wanted to go to MovieWorld but Mum and Dad said it was too expensive. Maybe next time.

We also stopped at a place called South West Rocks and I played on the beach. I wanted to stay all day but we had to drive home. But it’s always good to come home. I can play with all my toys again!


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