Broken arm, unbroken spirit

A broken arm isn’t so bad!

Last week I broke my arm! I was riding my new bike down at the park and my bike tipped over and I fell on my arm. I didn’t cry too much but it did hurt.

Mum and Dad took me straight to the hospital. I had to get a photo of the bones in my arm. A nice lady doctor put bandages around my arm and then a nice lady nurse gave me an iceblock because I had been so good. And then we went home with my arm in a sling.

Two days later I had to have an operation to straighten out my arm. The operation was pretty cool. I had to wear a gown and a funny hat. When I woke up I was a bit sleepy and I had a new cast on that went all the way up my arm. It keeps my arm bent all the time so it can get better. I had a sling for a few days but now I don’t need it.

The cast is okay. I can’t get it wet and I have to wear a plastic bag on my arm when I have a shower!

A few days ago we went back to the doctor and I got a cool blue covering on my cast. It’s the same blue as Spiderman and it makes the cast really hard. Dad says I have to be really careful I don’t knock someone with my cast ’cause that would really hurt them.

Anyway if you’re wondering about what it’s like to have a broken arm I’d say it’s not too bad. I can still do almost everything even though I have to give up my Little Athletics and my swimming lessons for a few weeks. Lucky I can still play computer games!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on October 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “Broken arm, unbroken spirit”

  1. Jay, hope you get better soon! Looks like you’ve just experienced something your oldest cousin hasn’t…no broken bones for me yet!!! Keep drinking your milk for strong bones.

  2. dear jay

    OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude that sounds pretty painful!!!!!!!!
    I don’t think I ever broke anything, but I did dislocate my ankle at a basketball game when I was 15.
    Were the doctor’s nice at the hospital?
    I’m not a fan of hospitals, but sometimes it’s necessary.
    I went in once for surgery as well, but I didnt’ have to wear a funny hat. I think the doctor’s knew that I didnt wanna wake up with hat hair.
    when I see you next time I need to sign your cast though.
    Have many ppl written or drawn on it?
    I hope it gets better soon.

  3. wow yoe’re really brave! I had to get a picture of my nose when i hit it on the black eyes are almost gone.
    Hope time goes quickly and you can get your cast off.

    Lots of love
    Ruby xx

  4. jay, i guess that makes me the WORLD’S YOUNGEST BLOGGER… until some six-month-old gets in on the act.

  5. this was so good. well not that you broke your arm but because you choose to write about that. you did very well and keep writing

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