The party begins

Me & Santa

On Tuesday we had our Christmas party at Alphabet Academy. We practiced for the concert all day so by the time all the Mums and Dads came I was too tired and wanted to go home! We all had to sing songs, including You Are My Sunshine, but I did not want to sing. Actually when the other children sang I put my hands over my ears! Then I started crying. So Mum just sat down on the floor with me and we watched the other kids sing.

At last we were allowed to go back outside because Santa was coming. He called my name out and he gave me a new Spiderman! It’s Cyber-Spiderman! He even came with a big spider that you can put on Spiderman’s back! I was happy when I got the present. Lots of the other boys wanted it!

After I ate some marshmellows I went home early with Mum. And that was that for the Christmas party. I just wanted to go home with Mum!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on December 6, 2007.

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