Computer games

me at the computer

My favourite thing at the moment is playing on the computer. I absolutely LOVE computer games!

I have learnt how to turn on the computer myself, click on Firefox, then use my bookmarks to find my favourite games. There are lots of free games sites on the internet.

One of my favourite ones is the Quickling. It is a fairy game and you have to jump onto lots of different platforms. Eventually you have to find a portal to the human world, but I still haven’t found that portal.

I am learning about letters on the keyboard and how to write my name. Using the keyboard is much easier than a pencil and paper!

Sometimes my Dad makes me get off the computer so he can look up his email. I always tell him, “Dad you don’t have any email today.”

I’d better go play another game of Quickling before I have to get off the computer. Mum prefers me to play soccer outside!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on December 14, 2007.

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