Little athletes


This is me ready to go to little As. The A stands for Athletics – that’s when you do running, jumping and throwing and all kids of exercise like that. I started Little As before I broke my arm so I couldn’t go for ages but now I can go again. It is good because Tomby goes with me.I don’t like to do all the exercise – sometimes I just like to watch, but I do like the running race. They shoot a really loud gun and that means you have to run as fast as you can. Mum says I run so fast she can’t even see me. I am just a blur. Last week was our last little As before Christmas and Brian, our coach, gave us lollies at the end. Thanks Brian! We also did fun things like a sack race. Gee it’s hard to jump in a sack!


~ by worldsyoungestblogger on December 18, 2007.

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