About the world’s youngest blogger

This blog chronicles the life of a cheeky three-year-old boy living in Sydney, Australia, with the help of his Mum (the living and the blogging).

Is he the World’s Youngest Blogger? We think so!
His name is Jay and he loves Spiderman.


5 Responses to “About the world’s youngest blogger”

  1. He isn’t a blogger…you (his mom) is.

  2. You’re right!!!! I should get my three-year-old son to write his own blog. Only problem is it would go something like this:
    mvb g h jh,hnbngfh r njbGHk nm

    Thanks for your positive contribution!

  3. He was the youngest.. but no more the youngest.He is one of the young bloggers or being blogged for himself by others.

    What I want to tell is young bloggers are getting crowded.One of my friends child started to blog from her first day in the world.I advise u to check her blog :
    It’s turkish.You may not understand the whole site.

  4. Hi… It’s nice to read the world youngest blogger’s site.
    You’re such a nice Mom. Your child must be very happy when he understand real blogging (later).
    My 9 years old niece write a blog too, she did it by herself.
    It’s not widely published, maybe I’m the only reader. So here I share it with you. http://blog.aily.net
    She’s Indonesian (like me), living in Singapore. Recently, she moved to Dubai (UAE). Enjoy her blog…

  5. I think i am the youngest blogger who blogs by himself. i started blogging at 12. i luv cars and i have dedicated my blog to it
    check it out

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