My fourth birthday

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Blowing out the candles on my Spiderman cake

It was my birthday on the weekend. I am now 4. I used to be three, but not anymore!

This is what happened on my birthday. I got up and Mum and Dad and Reed and Pat gave me presents! The biggest present I got is a new bike. It’s blue and it’s a big bike like big boys ride. It’s very cool. It has a matching drink bottle.

Then before too long all my friends and family came over for a big party. There were so many people!! We had lots of games but I didn’t want to play them all. I wanted to spend some time reading my new Spiderman book!

I had lots friends including Tomby , Mary, Kyle, Luca, Clancy, Ben, Isaac, Charlie, Tallulah and Savannah and Nanna and Aunty Nat came too.

Mostly my friends and me just liked playing in my cubby and climbing trees. I had a birthday cake with a little Spiderman on it.

When my friends went home I opened up all my presents and they were so cool. I got some Spiderman stuff and also Transformers stuff. I also got some Ben 10 and dinosaur stuff!

I had lots of junk to eat and afterwards I fell asleep on the lounge with Mum. Birthday parties are hard work!


Family holiday

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We have just been on a family holiday in South Australia. We drove all the way from Sydney, where we live, to Adelaide, and back again. That is a long way!! We stayed at lots of places on the way down and I played in lots of playgrounds when I got sick of the car or when Dad was tired from driving. Mum says we stayed in Canberra (at our friend Nicole’s place); Albury (NSW) and at Pinaroo (SA). Then we went to the coolest place on the beach called Victor Habor (SA).

In Victor Harbor we went out to Granite Island but the best thing is you get there on a tram that’s pulled by a horse! That picture above is of me sitting on Granite Island. I didn’t like everything about Granite Island actually. You had to stay on the paths and not walk on the grass – that was really annoying. But going on the tram was pretty cool. That horse must have been so strong to pull us along. On the way back it started to rain but the horse still had to pull us along.

A whale was visiting Victor Habor when we were there. The man at the whale centre said it was probably a humpback who was going to have a baby. We went to the beach and waited for ages but we couldn’t see any whale. It didn’t matter though ’cause I love playing in the sand.

We got to Adelaide and stayed there for four nights. The place we stayed in was pretty cool. It had a pool and a spa but the pool was too cold to swim in. Mum and I went for plenty of swims in the spa though.

In Adelaide we also went to the Botanic Gardens and the Museum. I loved the museum! It was fantastic! They had a giant squid there and a lion, who was meant to be dead, even though he looked real. But maybe he was real because he kept twitching his tail!

There was a room there where they had lots of interesting things in jars. I could have stayed in that room forever. When you come into the museum there is a huge whale skeleton!

My friend Tom was in Adelaide too. Our Mums and Dads went out one night and Tom and I stayed together. Mary, Tom’s sister, was there too. But she was asleep. Tom’s Nanna looked after us. She was cool. I couldn’t get to sleep but she was still pretty nice to me.

On the way back home we stayed in Broken Hill (NSW). Then we had a really, really long trip home and got there in the middle of the night. Luckily Dad bought me a DVD player in Adelaide that I could play in the car. I watched Spiderman and Stuart Little and also a Transformers cartoon. But after a while I even got bored of watching movies. Mum sat in the back to keep me company and Dad just kept driving and driving and driving.

Mum and Dad say I was pretty good. I didn’t complain too much. Actually I quite like being in the car. It is sometimes interesting looking outside. Most of where we went had no buildings and lots of trees and also animals like cows and horses and even goats.

Mum and Dad say I’m a good traveller.

Finding fun on ice

•July 24, 2007 • 2 Comments

Me at Nemo!

On the weekend we went to see Nemo in Ice! It was really good. There was a scary part with Bruce the shark but I wasn’t frightened.

I went with Mum and Nanna and Aunty Nat and her friend Prema. Prema is funny. She and Aunty Nat are crazy about Nemo and know all the lines.

On the way in I got to buy Crush the turtle. He is so cool. He says “Dude!!”

On the ice they had the ocean as well as the Tank where Nemo was. It was very clever. I also liked the part were Marlin and Dory went inside the whale’s stomach.

I am really into whales at the moment. Did you know the whale in Nemo is a humpback and they don’t have teeth but a baleen, which is like a big, long comb?

There was one part where all the little turtles were doing a dance and I was jumping up and down.

I wish there was Spiderman on ice!!

Counting teeth

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Me and my pearly whites!
The other day I went to the dentist’s for the first time in my life.
And guess what? She said my teeth are good. Mum was so happy.
Mum told me we were going to the doctor’s but when we got inside it looked different to the doctor’s place. There was a funny chair in there for one thing.
But the dentist, her name was Suzanne, was very nice, and she told me she wanted to count my teeth.
I had to lay in the chair and she made it go up and back so she could look inside my mouth.
She counted all my teeth and told me they were squeaky. I had to wear sunglasses so I didn’t get too much light in my eyes.
Mum and the dentist talked for a while and I played with one of my Spiderman action figures.
The dentist says it would be better if i didn’t have a dummy. Even though I am nearly four I love my dummy.
The dentist gave me a new toothbrush and some stickers to wear to show that my teeth are good.
Mum was so happy that my teeth were good and that I was a good boy at the dentist that we went straight to the toy shop.
Of course I looked at the Spiderman section but there was nothing new there. We went to the book section and we found a Marvel Play-doh set. It has moulds for the Hulk and Spidey and a little stage you can put them on with a light for a show.
It’s cool. Mum made me a green hulk with purple pants.
Mum says I have good teeth because of all those times she has cleaned them. I believe her, but I still hate getting my teeth brushed. Toothpaste is disgusting!

The land of bears and cousins

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Me in the Rocky Mountains!
Last month I went to Canada with my Dad for two weeks. We had a fantastic time with our family in Canada. This is my story about that trip.
The funniest thing about Canada was the bells that people wore on their feet. When Dad told me this was to keep the bears away, I thought he was playing a trick on me. But it was true! People don’t wear bells on their feet everywhere, but only when they go bushwalking in the mountains.
That was where all the people from Daddy’s family met for a special reunion, which was like a huge big birthday party except there was no cake. I did have a chocolate sundae though. I had a great time at the reunion and Dad let me stay up practically all night. I slept in the corner but then got up and helped my Auntie Brenda hold up the roof, which is how cousin Sandra says she dances.
When we weren’t at the reunion we stayed at her house and at my Uncle Dave’s house. I liked visiting both places. I had big wrestling fights with Uncle Gene and Uncle Dave and I won them both. At Auntie Brenda’s I got to play with the garden hose and at Uncle Dave’s I watched movies on the biggest TV I have ever seen. All the girls like Brittany, Chantelle, Auntie Charlene, Alison and Sandra looked after me real good, read me stories and bought me presents. I even got a Spider-man watch from cousin Alison!
Auntie Brenda bought me a Spider-man toy just about everywhere we went. Daddy took me to a place called the Badlands but it wasn’t bad, it was good. They have a big dinosaur museum there but the dinosaurs looked too real and I got a bit scared of them. I did walk up inside one huge dinosaur and stood in his mouth! Really I did!
At Wal-Mart I saw more Spider-man toys than anywhere I’ve ever been to. I wish I could go back there but Dad says it’s a long, long way away and I guess that’s true. It took forever to get to Wal-Mart on the airplane. I really liked flying and watching the movies but Dad kept on trying to make me go to the toilet which was annoying after a while.
The best part was coming home to see Mum. Next time we will all go to Canada, maybe with Reed and Pat too!

Ouch Spidey!

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Me with Spidey and the Green Goblin

I was really looking forward to seeing the new Spiderman movie, Spiderman 3. Our whole family was excited. We told my brothers Reed and Pat not to see it. They had to wait and see it with us.

So the big day came and we were going to see it. Dad bought us special tickets to a movie place were we could get dinner and drinks in the movies and everything.

But guess what? I didn’t really like it. The part where Flint Marko turns into Sandman – that is scary. I asked Mum to go outside of the movies. She couldn’t believe it because I am never scared of anything really.

Later we went back in for a while but it was no good. The other villain in the movie, Venom, was scary too.

I already knew these villains from my comics and the cartoons but the way they did it this time was just not good for kids.

I think maybe it is better to see Spiderman on DVD. Then you can just watch bits while you’re playing and the screen is not so big.

So even though I love Spiderman I don’t think that was such a good movie.

I have been looking forward to seeing the new Fantastic Four movie with the Silver Surfer in it, but we think that maybe I’ll just wait for DVD for that one too.

They shouldn’t make movies scary for little kids, should they?

My fiery brothers

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Me in my brothers’ fireman gear

Did you know my brothers are in the bushfire brigade? Actually my biggest brother Reed – he is 16 – is the crew captain in the cadet unit at their school. And now Pat – he is nearly 14 – has joined up too.

A few weekends ago we went to see them do their exercises at a field day. They had to rake the leaves, then use the hoses, and carry and dummy on a stretcher. By the way this kind of dummy isn’t one you suck in your mouth. it’s kind of a doll that looks like a human.

Do you like me wearing their gear on our deck? The bright colours help people see them and the helmet is in case a tree falls on your head!