Philosophy of the world’s youngest blogger


• I think you should be able to have whatever you want. If you want milk or chocolate when it’s dinner time that’s okay.
• You should be able to go swimming, even when it’s winter.
• Why can’t you get a toy everytime you go the toy shop?
• Why can’t Mum and Dad just do what I say? Then everyone would be happy.
• I don’t think you should have to go to the toilet if you don’t want to.
• If you want to stay up and watch TV then why can’t you?
• Why do you have to take the videos back to the video shop when you still like them and want to play them?
• When you are tired, you should be able to stay in the car when your Mum or Dad goes into the shops.
• The Wiggles are boring.
• Spiderman and the Rogues Gallery are cool!
• My big brothers are cool!
• Sometimes Mum and Dad are cool!
• Nanna is cool! She always gives me a present.
• Poppy is cool! He has a big boat!
• I think saying “What the hell is going on?” is cool not rude!


One Response to “Philosophy of the world’s youngest blogger”

  1. Hi Jay, I agree with some of your rules, but don’t worry when you grow up, you can do whatever you want. Mum and Dad will be really old in a nursing home, and you will be able to tell them what to do, what to eat and when to go the toilet (if they haven’t already in their pants). I sometimes have dorito’s, dip and vodka for dinner and there is nothing wrong with me, hic! I get a toy everytime I go to the toy shop, but my toy shop is different to yours- just ask Aunty Nat. Why don’t you get a portable TV- then you can watch whatver you want, whenever you want- even in the car when Mum and Dad are in the shops! I also notice that it seems everyone in your family is cool, except for Aunty Nat. It’s OK, you don’t have to pretend. And, yes- ‘What the hell is going on’ is rude, you should say- ‘What the bloody hell is going down, mother’. I shall teach you, when next we meet- Dec 9 at the Christmas drinks. See ya then!

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