World’s youngest blogger’s family

This is a photo I took of my Dad:


This is a photo I took of my Mum:


I also have two great big brothers. They live with their Mum Lesley. They stay with me on weekends and on school holidays.
Here is a picture of me and Reed and Pat:


I also have a Nanna and an Aunty Nat and an Uncle Dassie.
Then there is Poppy and Nini who live in Brisbane.
My Dad comes from Canada. In Canada I have Aunty Charlene, Uncle Dave and my cousins Brittany and Chantelle, and Aunty Brenda, Uncle Gene, and my other cousins Sandra and Alison. They are all big girls.
In Canada there are bears and wolves. I went there when I was 3 for a family reunion with my Dad. It’s a really nice place.


4 Responses to “World’s youngest blogger’s family”

  1. the brother in the white t’shirt is the best looking person i have ever seen.

  2. what the hell is that thing in the red t’shirt next to jay?

  3. nice pictures of the parents and the brothers! Merry Christmas everyone, it’s weird to think it’s been a year since we last saw you guys:(. More later, from the land of bears and wolves…

  4. Really are you the world youngest blogger. Wow, how cool is that.

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